How to Sew a French Seam

It’s time to bring my French seam tutorial home (originally published on One Thimble’s blog)! I do love a French seam…Let’s begin!

Ah, the French seam. So sophisticated, so couture, so professional. Beautiful on both sides, strong, and with all raw edges completely enclosed, the French seam is my favorite type of seam. I used them in the Girls Brook Blossom Skirt (ladies version, too) to give the skirt a beautifully finished interior. It’s the little things that take an article of clothing from homemade to handmade.

And French seams are not difficult to sew at all! The most difficult part of the whole process is remembering to start the seam off with the fabric wrong sides together.

French seams are best for light- to medium-weight woven fabrics, and are an especially great choice for sheers.

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How to Sew a Rolled Hem

Bringing home my tutorial from One Thimble!

Have you ever wanted to sew a rolled hem? Sheer fabrics long to be finished with a rolled hem—rolled hems are so beautiful and unobtrusive on sheer fabrics. Curved hems, too, are great candidates for a rolled hem, as you don’t have to ease in the extra hem width. Rolled hems are ideal for hemming ruffles. And of course, if you have just barely enough length for the garment, the small hem allowance of the rolled hem also makes it a winner. Continue reading “How to Sew a Rolled Hem”

Pattern Hack: Subtle High-Low Hem for the Brook Blossom Skirt

I’m bringing home another Brook Blossom Skirt pattern hack for you that I originally wrote for One Thimble. (Not familiar with One Thimble? It’s a digital sewing magazine, published four times a year, full of original patterns, tutorials, and handmade business advice. My favorite issues are #12 and #15. 🙂 (affiliate links) You should definitely check them out. 😉 )

Subtle High-Low Hem Pattern Hack Title Image

Want yet another hemline for the Brook Blossom Skirt for you and your girls? Anya, who blogs over at Anna Zoe and was one of my wonderful pattern testers, came up with this beautiful pattern hack—the Subtle High-Low Hem. She explains here how she made the change. I’m going to explain another way to do it. Continue reading “Pattern Hack: Subtle High-Low Hem for the Brook Blossom Skirt”

Pattern Hack: How to Sew the Girls Brook Blossom Skirt with Sheer Fabrics

It was such a great experience to work with One Thimble on Issue 12 (affiliate link for what is still one of my favorite issues!). Who else gets so much more done with deadlines? And to contribute with other creative ladies to produce such a beautiful magazine? Love!

This tutorial was originally posted on One Thimble’s blog, and it’s time to bring it home!

Who’s ready for some pattern hacking?

How to sew the Girls Brook Blossom Skirt with Sheer Fabrics

How fun would it be to use the lined option for the Brook Blossom Skirt with a sheer fabric on top? Make the skirt a little fancier, more ethereal… The thing is, you don’t want to see the elastic (girls’ version) or zipper (ladies’ version) from the outside, so you do need to do things just a little different than when you use only opaque fabrics. It’s really simple, though. I’ll show you with the girls’ version. Continue reading “Pattern Hack: How to Sew the Girls Brook Blossom Skirt with Sheer Fabrics”